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FIA Constable Past Papers

Q: Zakat literally means? A. Purification B. Contamination C. Adulteration D. None of above Answer: Option A Q: Namaz e Taraweeh is? A. Farz B. wajib C. Sunnat D. Mustahab Answer: Option C Q: Who is mashuq? A. Who comes after one Rakat B. who offers Online C. Who comes after completion of

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FIA Past Paper Questions with Answers

1. Typhoid Causes infection in which part of the Body? (A) Liver (B) Intestine (Small Intestine) (Correct) (C) Kidneys (D) None of the above. 2. There are How many States in USA? (A) 50 (Correct) (B) 51 (C) 52 (D)

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PPSC – Educators Books, Past Papers & Preparation Data for all

Recently Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Punjab  2019 announced, So they invited the application form for these jobs if you are interested and want to get these jobs then you must apply within due dates on Online Registration at PPSC

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